Priority Learning

707 Sable Oaks Drive, Suite 040 • South Portland, ME 04106 • 207.653.2552

The cost is usually $3000 per person, but we will happily reduce this amount by 50% for Code Gratitude clients!

Welcome to Priority Learning

Our Transformative programs emphasize personalized approaches, participatory engagement, and authentic strategy for individual and organizational development. We work with people on their goals, challenges, skills and behaviors to maximize personal and business performance.

Priority Learning offers a dynamic series of development workshops for everyone in your organization. From mastering the basics of effective workplace management to developing strategic leadership skills, we provide the building blocks to improve personal performance and organizational success. Our series include at least 55 hours of professional development over several weeks, allowing for sustained and sequential growth. Each workshop day features a development theme, participatory activities, dynamic discussion and personal coaching.

Please check out our workshop series and their next scheduled dates at our website:



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