Campfire Defender

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The Campfire Defender is a campfire safety and convenience product designed to efficiently manage and control your campfire. The Campfire Defender is comprised of a high temperature military grade fabric coated with a weather resistant material. This cover allows you to prevent any embers from leaving your fire pit and starting a forest fire, it also acts as a barrier between your dangerous fire pit and your children and animals preventing serious burn injuries.

The embedded pinwheel vent in the Campfire Defender allows you full control over the airflow into your fire pit, letting you decided whether to extinguish your fire or extended the life of your coals for more than 8 hours. Simply cover before you go to bed and wake up in the morning with a dry, hot fire pit.

Our first responders are always tasked with coming to the rescue when things go wrong, Campfire Defender gives them a tool to start preventing damage before it has already been done.




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