How it Works

Grow Your Business While Showing Gratitude for Our Protectors

Code Gratitude is a mission-driven company in Maine dedicated to showing our appreciation to those protectors who serve us every day by offering special deals and discounts from local businesses. Our website,, connects supportive businesses with the men and women in law enforcement, fire, EMS, military and related professions. Protectors benefit from the savings while local businesses grow. It’s not charity, just good business sense.

You Become a Member

As a Maine business, you pay $250 to become a Gratitude Partner or $1500 for a Premier Partner membership. This yearly investment costs less than running most ¼ page ads in the local newspaper just one time.

You Create a Deal

You customize a deal specifically for protectors. You can create as many deals as you like. One per week or one for the year. It’s up to you. Be creative! You can change your deals at any time throughout your membership. Email us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your Deal is Promoted Far and Wide

Your special offer for protectors is promoted on the Code Gratitude website, on social media, in special weekly emails geared to protectors, and in traditional advertising such as television and radio. You will also receive special Code Gratitude signage that you can proudly display in your business.

Protectors Search for You

Protectors and their loved ones can search the Code Gratitude website for deals by location, category or company name.

Protectors Visit Your Business

When a protector visits your business, all they need to do is show their credentials and mention Code Gratitude. No coupon printing or tracking involved!

Your Business Grows While Giving Back

You gain new, loyal customers while also giving back to the community. A portion of your membership fee will be used to support the Code Gratitude Scholarship Fund awarded to Maine high school seniors who are joining the military, studying fire science, criminal justice or going into other future protector careers.

Become a Code Gratitude Member today!