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Entrepreneur Article on Code Gratitude

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Why Gratitude Is Your Key To Customer Growth and Retention

For a start, consider signing up with Code Gratitude, which offers discounts to first responders and active and veteran military personnel.
Customer Appreciation Day was April 18. Did you miss it? Me, too. But what if every day was Customer Appreciation Day? For one entrepreneur it is: Code Gratitude founder and CEO, Shannon Moss.

Code Gratitude was launched on August 1, 2015, as a mission-driven company dedicated to showing appreciation to first responders and those in protective roles, by having local businesses offer them special deals and discounts. connects these businesses with the men and women in law enforcement, firefighting and EMS, as well as those in the military, and veterans.

According to Moss, “Protectors benefit from the savings while local businesses grow. Code Gratitude is not charity, it’s a nod of appreciation to our protectors and efficient, cost-effective marketing businesses can feel good about.”

As an entrepreneur, sometimes the best ideas don’t scream at you; more frequently, they whisper. Moss shared with me the origin of how her company was born.

She told me how her husband and she had been in an Under Armour store in North Conway, New Hampshire, shopping for their sons when they happened to learn at checkout that the store offered a military and first responder discount. “We had had no idea,” Moss said. “While we both appreciated the savings it was the look on my husband’s face I won’t soon forget. He was impressed and clearly grateful for the gesture.

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